National Prosthodontics Awareness Weeek

During one of my staff meetings, we were brainstorming ideas why would anyone seek the services of a Prosthodontist in private practice.  Low and behold, my dental assistant informed me that she never knew what Prosthodontists did until she worked with me.  I asked her to put into words what a prosthodontist does and she compared us to the cartoon hero, Mighty Mouse.

I was caught off guard when she made the statement.  At first, I thought she was referring to my miniature build, but after an explanation, I couldn’t resist telling the story because it left everyone with a renewed energy of great self-worth.

She said that our (specialty prosthodontics) practice sees patients at their worst, sometimes frustrated with their dental work.  Here, we not only provide patients with many options, but come to the rescue for emergencies or for individuals with major dental issues.  We are small like, “Mighty Mouse,” but carry a big punch to save the day.   Patients come in broken, but leave happy and fixed.

Patients don’t realize how important their oral health is until they are in pain or can’t smile or eat.  Our practice takes on the tough cases no one else wants to, can dedicate time for, or knows how to treat.  This is where our practice thrives.  We embody, Mighty Mouse: “Here we come to save the day!…  What a mouse!  WHAT A MOUSE!”

This is a very special week when we focus on spreading awareness of what Prosthodontics is and exactly what Prosthodontists do. It is National Prosthodontics Awareness Week. Our practice, Madison Prosthodontics is in Madison, Alabama. If you have any questions you can reach us at (256) 319-3256