Solutions for Facial Defects & Damage

Rebuilding Your Appearance and Confidence

According to the National Cancer Institute, cancer in the mouth or oral cavity kills one American every hour of every day. Early detection of oral cancer helps save lives. We urge all our patients to get screened by their dentist regularly for oral cancer. For denture patients who no longer see a dentist, we offer screenings at Madison Prosthodontics.

If you are an oral cancer survivor and have lost a significant portion of your mouth and/or face, we offer maxillofacial prosthetic solutions to help. We coordinate your care with plastic surgeons, head and neck surgeons and oncologists, as required.

Additionally, we provide solutions for individuals with abnormal dental problems, such as patients with cleft lip/palate, traumatic injuries, genetic defects, congenital syndromes affecting teeth, and individuals planning to undergo radiation and chemotherapy.

Dr. Wiltz will work with you with sensitivity and compassion, designing a treatment that is right for you.

An oral cancer screening with Dr. Wiltz can provide early detection of a cancerous lesion, potentially saving your life.

Call us to schedule your screening or for a consultation to determine a solution for your maxillofacial prosthetic needs.