MPdenturePgBeautifully Crafted Dentures

Giving You The Ability To Eat, Smile And Laugh

Multiple missing teeth not only destroy your appearance and self-confidence, they can seriously affect your health, making it hard to chew and digest your food.

Well-made dentures can change all that. Dr. Wiltz designs and fabricates dentures that perfectly match your mouth, bite and facial features and make it easy to eat, laugh and talk. You will never have to worry again about discomfort or having your teeth slip as you begin to chew or speak.

Dentures designed to match your specific needs

Complete dentures replace all teeth. Partial dentures replace a row of missing teeth that can’t be held in place by adjoining teeth.

With dentures, replacement teeth are securely placed in a plastic resin base that replicates the color of your gum tissue. We use either porcelain or durable plastic to fabricate the teeth.

  • Traditional dentures are removable. The plastic resin base forms a seal with your gum to keep the dentures in place. You may want to use a small amount of special adhesive for extra security.
  • Implant-secured dentures are permanently affixed in your mouth and can be removed by your dental specialist if necessary. They look so natural, you may forget they aren’t your original teeth!

To learn more about dentures, your options, and costs, please call us for a consultation at 256-319-3256.