Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Working Together for The Best Possible Outcome

Madison Prosthodontics is committed to quality replacement or restoration of missing, worn, damaged or misshapen teeth. To that end, we can be a valuable asset in helping you plan and deliver care for patients with complex oral conditions. Our training and experience are essential in treating situations that involve:

  • Surgical placement of dental implants and complex implant-supported restorations that may require extensive multi-phase reconstruction
  • Time-consuming treatment planning that requires several specialists
  • Intricate aesthetic or cosmetic procedures such as the restoration of a single central incisor, veneers, or full mouth reconstruction
  • Challenging dental cases such as the extremely worn dentition, patients with TMJ disorders, or problematic dentures and partials
  • Patients with defects due to cancer, anomalies due to genetic defects, or management of patients with sleep apnea

Working with Madison Prosthodontics will benefit you by enhancing your patient care and allowing you to focus on the dental procedures that you truly enjoy. Furthermore, our relationship can often prevent redos, lost doctor and staff time, and the dreadful feeling of “Doctors’ Remorse.”

Please fill out our Patient Referral Form and fax it to us at 256-319-3257. We are also happy to provide you with referral pads. Please call our office at 256-319-3256 to put in a request.

If you have questions or would like to know more about how our prosthodontist, Dr. Wiltz, might supplement your practice, call 256-319-3256 to setup a consultation. Let’s work together.